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Colour Light Therapy has its roots in the teachings of naturopath Peter Mandel from Germany. Using a torch with 11 different colours of quartz glass rods, coloured light is applied to the skin on specific points or zones, similar to those on the acupuncture meridians. Unlike Acupuncture, Colour Light Therapy doesn’t require needles to pierce the skin but the principle is similar – it aims to release the cause of disharmony allowing the body to return to its natural state of wellness and balance. People who accept that disease equals dis-ease that comes from physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances may be open to this approach.

Scientific research has shown that the cells of the body naturally communicate through light. Peter Mandel tells us the memories of past traumas are held in our cells and affect the way we respond physically and psychologically to present events. He designed treatments using the frequency of each colour to carry a particular healing message which the cells absorb and transmit to each other. As the healing message is received, the causes of disharmony are released. The person begins remembering and resonating with their natural capacity for health and well-being. See the article The Science of Light…

With Colour Light Therapy, the precise Colorpuncture techniques of Peter Mandel are enhanced by combining them with dialoguing, emotional release, dream-work and meditation to create a deeply supportive and transforming journey. Dialoguing brings understanding and awareness to the deep root causes of emotional and physical problems, meaning they can be released consciously, often with emotional expression. Colour Light Therapy may open up the roots of issues inspiring transformation more quickly than conventional talking therapies on their own. If memories of traumatic events are ’trapped’ in the cells of the body it can be an extremely powerful tool for effecting deep personal transformation – literally shining light into those ‘stuck’ places in our lives.

Colour Light Therapy is a very safe method and can be used alongside conventional medical treatment. It is not a conventional medical treatment and people with serious health issues or who have any doubts about having alternative treatments should consult their doctor first.

Sarita has found that a wide range of people can benefit from Colour Light Therapy, whatever their current state of health or well-being – children, from small babies up to teenagers, and adults of all ages. As with other alternative therapies, it works with esoteric and subtle energies so the results are sometimes individual and mysterious.

Some sessions are carried out on the face, hands or feet and the person receiving the treatment can remain fully clothed and seated. Others are carried out on the body and may require the person to partially undress.

A single colour light therapy session may include one or more sequences of colours/points designed to address specific problems or issues and support greater health and balance. 

Thanks to Ma Ananda Sarita for permission to reproduce this blog from her website:

Colour Light Therapy

Ma Anada Sarita

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