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A Treatment Room With a View

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Setting has a profound effect on treatment outcomes. Unsurprisingly, messy or sparse spaces can interfere with the body's ability to relax and allow the healing process to unfold.

Nature and Nurture Treatment Room

When I first saw the drawing room of my Edwardian flat still had original features, my heart lifted. Arts and Crafts stained glass windows, elaborate plasterwork and floors had all thankfully been preserved by the developer. I've always had great affection for William Morris and his artist collective, so my existing furnishings coordinated perfectly. Originally, the room had opened out to an orangery, which has been replaced with a more practical, but light filled kitchen with French doors and huge skylight.

Not wishing to lose that wow as I walked into the room, I've kept furniture minimal and discrete so the room is the star. The walls are painted in warm hues that match the original stained glass windows and the whole room is overseen by my precious Buddha, which I've owned for half my lifetime.

Meet Pincushion Pete

Standing at the back of the room is my study buddy Pincushion Pete. He's my aid memoir of acupuncture points while I'm drinking in the wisdom of my Chinese Medicine course at ICOM, which leads to a degree level qualification in acupuncture. I will confer with him if I'm double checking a point location, accuracy is really important to me when I work.

That View!

The treatment couch is fixed and sturdy with thick padding so you will feel supported when you relax or move to make yourself comfortable. As you recline, your view is of the magnificent plasterwork of the high ceiling. When the couch is adjusted for sitting, your view is out to the garden where the bird feeder, squirrels, foxes and hedgehogs can be seen passing by. My gardening style is a mix of cottage flowers, fruit trees, native trees, herbs and vegetables. I don't use slug pellets or pesticides to allow invertebrates, amphibians, birds and mammals to graze on nature's unadulterated gifts. The planting can be perfuse and wild, I like the softness of the exuberant growth.

Space Clearing

Much of my work involves clearing of emotion or trauma people no longer want to hold onto. It's not mine to hold onto either and whatever comes up in a session is energetically given to the compost heap at the bottom of the garden to regenerate and nourish my garden in the next season.

I am very sensitive to energy and it's important to allow issues to come up and move on rather than stagnate, which is a source of illness. In sessions you are free to say nothing, the treatment will be equally effective without verbalising a trauma. Or share all the details if that feels right, knowing it will not affect me, I'm standing at your side while your burden leaves you. The treatment session is yours to use as you wish. When I painted the flat, I used ground Tachyon powder in the paint, so the walls and ceiling have a clearing effect. Before clients arrive, I both physically and ritually clean the space with tachyon and sage. I have a ritual between and after clients too, so you will always walk into a sacred space to hold you in your process for that day.

When The Day is Done

The couch is pushed back behind the sofa so the floor is clear and my husband and I pull out the yoga mats. There is nothing more liberating than moving, releasing and integrating the body after a day of focused work.

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