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 Tachyon Healing 

Tachyon crystals are patented, so the manner of their manufacture is known only to the inventor, David Wagner. They came to Abigail’s attention during a meditation retreat during which she was plagued by endometriosis pain. She was offered Tachyon disks, which brought significant relief and she has used Tachyon products personally and professionally ever since.


Tachyon crystals can be used as a meditation tool, bringing greater ease when entering the meditative state. Therapeutically they are a fast and effective way to lift away emotional and physical blockages in the body. Most powerfully, the patient does not need to articulate the issue for it to be cleared although verbal expression is welcomed so healing can occur as the body and mind need. The results are extraordinary.

Gua Sha Facial 

The face has a high proportion of skin receptors and eight of the 12 main acupuncture meridians end on the face, which is why a facial is not only a wonderful beauty treatment, but also uplifting for the whole body.

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese massage technique which utilises the smooth edges of a jade or quartz crystal specifically shaped for the task. The purposes is to bring the flow of qi and blood to stagnant areas to release tension and prevent asymmetry in the face as we age.

Abigail combines this with a massage specifically to release the jawline and completes with eyepads soaked with the herb Eyebright to refresh tired eyes. Uplifting facial rose oil will allow you to take the calm feeling into your day.

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Bespoke Treatment

With a bespoke treatment you get Abigail's decades of experience in yoga, massage, nutrition and healing with Tachyon.

Either we can work towards your health goal such as pain free periods, hot-flush free menopause or let the dowser intuit the treatment you need on the day.

The time is yours to consult Abigail's encyclopaedic wisdom from self healing endometriosis, infertility and menopausal symptoms with natural therapies so you can regain control of your own health.

 Online Healing 

Illness is blockage in the body; physically, emotionally or spiritually. The purpose of any treatment is to remove those blockages so that the body’s innate healing ability is enhanced to restore homeostasis, a state of wellbeing. Effectively, you heal yourself.


The role of any practitioner is to guide the patient to unlock their potential and in the case of energy work, this can be facilitated online. The experience will be different to in-person treatment, but has some advantages, particularly integration of these practices into your life.


To consult Abigail on lifestyle changes and supportive energy healing online, email or book a discovery call to find a solution together.

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