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 Abigail Acquaviva 

I have had a keen interest in Eastern philosophy and medical practices for over 20 years. In my teens and twenties I found that Western Medicine held no solution for the excruciating pain I suffered from endometriosis. Finding solace in changing my diet, yoga and Chinese Medicine, I studied further the modalities that brought me most relief and have changed my life from barely existing to enjoying life's gifts to the fullest.

I taught yoga for over 20 years and for 10 years I assisted Marc J Acquaviva, tutoring students to deepen their yoga practice or become teachers themselves. I’ve used my training in Structural Integration Massage (a derivative of Rolfing) to inform and complement yoga therapeutically.


With my expanding meditation practice I’ve grown to publicly acknowledge my intuitive skills, not an easy confession for a woman from a scientific family with two engineering degrees! Consequently, more esoteric treatments like Tachyon Healing and Colour Light Therapy have been incorporated in my practice, with fantastic results.

Because I loved the effects of Colour Light and wanted more detailed knowledge of the acupuncture points it uses, I enrolled as a student at the International College of Oriental Medicine. My studies are informing my therapeutic practice, making me more accurate and widening my understanding of how this ancient wisdom continues to have modern pertinence. 

The bonus of my studies is the research requirements, consequently I’ve delved deep into the available published papers on my specialist topics of endometriosis and menopause. I bring this expanded knowledge to my practice.

Nancy, London

Abigail clearly understood where I was at and helped me look at my ongoing lower back pain through the postures. Her guidance was so clear and positive and her approach so kind and thoughtful that I felt inspired and hopeful with issues that I had completely given up on ever being able to transform. She worked intuitively to help me unlock some serious hip and lower back problems and apart from leaving a little taller, that night I slept pain free for the first time in over two years! My vitality and positivity felt restored.

Clare, Hove 

Abigail has wonderful healing hands and her technique so demonstrates her years of study and practice.  Highly recommended!

Larch, Brighton

Abigail has an innate warm and nurturing quality that pervades everything she does, says and gives. 


Her practice space is both light filled and cozy, a place one can be utterly oneself and relax deeply into her care. 


Her treatments are a heart based offering supported by natural curiosity, care, wisdom and knowledge.

Eyes Closed
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