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The internet is an extraordinary opportunity to communicate. It's wonderful to have this space to share the things I love in my life. You can read in my bio that I am studying Chinese Medicine, which is an ever deepening journey of discovery.

East and West

The Western model of medicine is to go to the doctor to be fixed. The solution is expected in a bottle of pills, just take the pills and carry on as normal. The Chinese model of medicine is preventative; go to the doctor to receive lifestyle advice, if you get sick, change doctor. I'm not saying Western medicine is all bad, I would be grateful of NHS care if I broke my leg or had a serious infection. If that happens, I recommend you go to your GP, that is what they are there for. I do know from personal experience that I am empowered by my knowledge of Chinese Medicine to significantly improve my health through my choices.

The Purpose of My Blog

I have had quite a ride during my half a century on this planet. I experienced endometriosis at the young age of 17, subsequent chronic fatigue, I've birthed and now I'm transitioning towards menopause. For me, the Western model offered few solutions to long term and chronic conditions, which often have underlying triggers of trauma and stress. I feel incredibly lucky to have climbed out of the well of pain I was in and I want to share how I went from an addiction to painkillers and alcohol to the incredible freedom I feel now.

I only share the things that worked for me, there are many paths and all are valid. What I say may resonate, in which case get in touch. I have mastered the treatments that gave me the greatest relief and I continue to learn to build my knowledge and expand the skills I can share.

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